Making zkCREAM More Trustless Via Our New Multi-Party Computation Library

Public release and demo coming soon!

Hey folks, just wanted to share with everyone a quick update on what the zkCREAM team has been hard at work at. We’ve been talking to our early customers on what makes a system like zkCREAM valuable for them, and we’ve gotten some great feedback. Primarily, using a system like ours for voting is simply done for additional security, confidentiality, robustness, and anti-fraud. Therefore, we’re continuing to improve the capabilities of zkCREAM in this direction by the addition of new Multi-Party Computation (MPC) capabilities.

Inspired by the work of the zkopru team, as well as’s implementation, we’re creating our own open source MPC library for compiling your zero-knowledge circuits. Check out these screenshots:

What does this mean for our users? Simply put, they get to participate in the cryptographic setup of the votes they’ll be participating in, further decentralizing the system up to circuit compilation. If you are a developer, you’ll be able to utilize our lightweight and simple library to decentralize your zero-knowledge based dApps as well. And I know you’ll all appreciate the retro, html table-centric designs. Fits in perfectly with your zero-knowledge craigslist dApp.

Anyway, please stay tuned for more on the MPC library, as well as an upcoming public ceremony. In addition, we’ll be open-sourcing the project for everyone’s use. And a demo of zkCREAM is coming shortly too! Expect some screenshots soon, as well as the interactive demo.

Big love to everyone supporting our Gitcoin Grant! If you haven’t checked that out, please do and we appreciate your support!